The Sheru family – tailored to be beautiful

Armchairs, chairs and barstools, whose symbiosis of craftsmanship, passion and expertise can be immediately sensed: not only now, but also in generations to come. Discover more about this accomplished reinterpretation of the shell chair.

Sheru: Japanese for shell

Named after the Japanese word for shell, Sheru is a minimal design that offers maximum comfort. Its excellence is not only evident in its design language, but also the way in which the chair is so perfectly executed. In order to create a completely new seating experience, the ergonomic shape was rethought from every angle.

Lighter than air: the secret of Sheru

The secret of Sheru lies in its innovative chAIR technology. The back and seat of all models contain concealed openings, through which cool air can circulate freely around the body. Integrated straps in the shape of palm leaves create a pleasantly springy feeling when seated. The minimalist upholstered seat reduces the use of materials, and offers a new kind of comfort.

Variety for every room

Sheru can be configured in a million different ways. The frame, legs, materials and colors can be combined as you choose, in order to perfectly fit into any public or private space. This opens up endless possibilities: the compact silhouette of the elegant, minimalist design fits seamlessly into very different settings, from modern living and dining rooms to cozy workspaces.

Timeless aesthetics

All models follow the same design language, meaning that even when different frames are combined, the timeless appearance in the ensemble remains homogeneous. Sheru can be upholstered in fabric, leather, or a combination of both, in casual or formal style. You can choose from an extensive selection of naturally elegant materials in different colors and finishes.

Sheru chAIR

The original, breathable shell chair – for hours of conversation with family, as a guest among friends, in meeting or conferences. With wood or steel legs, or with a four- or five-star base including castors and optional height adjustment. Available with or without armrests.

Sheru armchAIR

As an armchair, Sheru also offers pleasantly springy feeling when seated. Choose a frame in natural solid wood, or in minimalist steel with a matt powder-coated or high-gloss finish. Like the chair, the armchair is available with or without armrests.

Sheru Barstool

The elegant barstool in two different heights offers a comfortably soft upholstered seat at a bar, at a high dining table, or for a short meeting in a modern workplace.

Something brand new: the story of Sheru

The Austrian design trio EOOS is the creative mastermind behind Sheru. The team took several years to develop the design, and began by discarding everything it knew about upholstery technology. The basis was a patented new construction, created together with the Walter Knoll development team: chAIR technology. The seat is not only incredibly comfortable, but also breathable – and barely thicker than a yoga mat.
The new design is innovative and environmentally friendly. The usage of materials has been reduced as far as possible, and all the components can be easily separated from each other and recycled after a long life.