Spring News 2021

Sheru Barstool & Seito Wood Table

Our families are growing. Joining the much-loved chairs and armchairs, a barstool expands our Sheru program. In addition, we now offer our elegant Seito table in solid wood.

Timeless aesthetics and maximum variety

Sheru barstool is part of a family of chairs and armchairs, which can be combined very harmoniously. All models follow the same design language, and together they offer a homogeneous impression. The numerous variations of the design allow it to be used a wide variety of ways, in very different settings.

Maximum variety and use possibilities

The breathable, shell-shaped barstool offers a comfortably soft upholstered seat at a counter or high dining table. It can be upholstered in casual or formal style, and all upholstery covers are removable. Choose between two different heights according to where you place the barstool and with which table you want to combine it.

Innovation through cooperation: designed by EOOS and Walter Knoll

Together with Austrian design team EOOS, the Walter Knoll development team completely rethought the technology of a shell chair. The result: a minimal, upholstered chair, which both reduces the use of materials and offers a new level of comfort.
Walter Knoll and EOOS have been working together for more than 20 years. The ongoing and intense cooperation has produced some 100 products to date, and been recognized with numerous awards. Sheru is the most recent design to emerge from this extraordinarily productive partnership.

SEITO WOOD TABLE: Bringing nature inside

The inimitable, natural appearance of woods such as oak or walnut elevates every room in a unique and special way. Grown over decades, and shaped by the environment from which it comes, wood finally becomes a perfectly formed piece of furniture. Solid wood tables symbolize naturalness and longevity like almost no other object.
Seito Wood table is available in three different sizes. Its appealingly soft, rounded edges invite you to reach out and gently run your hand across its surface.

Surfaces in wood or quartz stone

The Seito program consists of dining tables with tops made of a choice of oak, walnut, or quartz stone. In every variation, the surface rests on crossed legs made from solid wood. Both wood and quartz stone create a unique sensory impression and a special aura in your space.

Designed by Wolfgang C. R. Mezger

Seito was developed together with Wolfgang C.R. Mezger, a designer whose aesthetic is shaped by harmonious concepts and intelligent details. Mezger finds simple solutions in response to complex questions. A balance of lines, angles and surfaces defines Seito.