Deen Table. Design: EOOS.

Come together

Standing high table Deen Table and barstool 375

A place that attracts you. A surface that wants to be touched. At a height that is just right. With a shape that is clear and open.

Unconventional, communicative, dynamic: life at a standing height table is life on a level playing field. Whoever is there first, extends the invitation. The minute you arrive, you are immediately on board. The warmth of the solid wood top and the round edge immediately engender closeness and trust.

Low key, filigree but nevertheless statement enough to confidently assert itself as it stands freely within a room. Giving everybody the space they need to feel they belong. Treating yourself to a break in the hustle and bustle of everyday life: whether a conversation, a book or just a coffee. For meetings in public spaces and offices. Deen Table is the perfect place to meet up.

The design story

A standing height table promotes open, dynamic exchange. This is where you can keep track of what´s going on. The narrow table top ensures proximity. That was something the designers from EOOS knew, and they also knew: height and slim-line dimensions alone are not enough. The design should have a positive effect on those standing round the table. The table should feel pleasant. Class was the core message, decided EOOS and Walter Knoll. They chose elegant solid wood for the top, mount and legs. The velvety oiled surface exudes a sense of calm. The radii of the boat-shaped top look harmonious. The minimal width facilitates communication. The perfectly shaped soft edge sweet-talks your hand. The elegant legs look natural. The product is top-class, vital and relaxed through and through. And that is why Deen Table not only looks good in executive offices and creative rooms, but also in a bistro or your kitchen at home. The perfect meeting point.

Variety: Deen Table comes in two heights. The difference between them is ten centimeters – for different markets, preferences and situations. The table top is available in several sizes.

The table top of Deen Table is available in two designs: “Advanced” with a rounded edge and surfaces such as fine textured paint, Fenix® and others perfect for use on office premises (left). And made of solid wood with a soft edge (right).

Facts and details

Sculptural table top made of solid wood or with surfaces such as fine textured paint, Fenix® and others perfect for use on office premises.
The soft edge feels pleasantly soft.
USB power port, connectors and cable outlet are available as an optional extra.
The legs are always made of solid wood.


“I like meetings that take place at eye level, literally. Deen Table is the perfect masterpiece. Hand-crafted, high grade. An attractive standing height table I like to lean on.”

— Rainer Brinkmann, construction engineer at Walter Knoll