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A digital wow for your customers!

24/7, 4K, 3D, and AR

A digital wow for your customers!

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Dealers, architects, and room planners can now configure Walter Knoll furniture themselves. The result is an enormous increase in efficiency – along the entire process and value chain. The platform is open around the clock. Architects can integrate high-quality 3D models into their planning. Room planners dramatically shorten their processing times. Dealers can focus all their attention on their customers and inspire them with fascinating configurations.

The new planning apps have been optimized for tablets, computers, and smartphones. They are fun and easy to use and available to the entire interior design industry.

All Walter Knoll data records have been integrated: every product, every configuration, all prices and lists, in all standard formats. Twenty-four hours a day, continuously updated and digitally shareable with partners, employees, and their customers: via WhatsApp, text, email, and in numerous in-app features.

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Technical advantages

· 24-hour availability
· Impress customers with the latest technology
· All data is in the cloud
· Automatic updates
· High configuration security
· High-end data sets (4K, 3D, AR)

Consulting advantages

· Respond instantly to customer requests
· Simulate configurations live
· Generate photorealistic images
· Do it all on your customer’s smartphone
· Make planning entertainment
· Use augmented reality in consulting

Augmented Reality

Simulate furniture and configurations at the customer’s premises

Digital room planning: chair, sofa, and table designs can be arranged live and on-the-spot using a smartphone or tablet. Colors, upholstery, materials, every configuration, every planning idea, every customer request can be simulated with the client in situ. No waiting time and a real digital wow factor.


Three tools for professional furniture planning


The room planning tool for laptops and computers

The most widely used room and interior design planning system for use by dealers, planners, architects, and interior designers. Intuitive and easy to use. Products can be displayed in 3D on floor plans and in rooms. Simple exports to all standard CAD formats (dwg, dxt, dxf, sat, sab, 3ds, skp, etc.) and as images, videos, or panoramic views for presentations.

pCon Planner

The mobile furniture configuration tool for smartphones and tablets

Developed for an enhanced customer experience at the point of sale. Easy to use and highly professional. Furniture can be experimentally configured in 3D and placed in the customer’s home using augmented reality. The app designs, plans, and calculates entire spaces in real time, as all products, prices, and configurations are already integrated. These configurations can also be exported and shared as data or as a PDF, video, or image via download, email, WhatsApp, or text.

pCon Facts


The digital furniture catalog for smartphones and tablets

The add-on for professionals. Dealers, planners, and architects can find even more information here: assembly instructions, certificates, brochures, and high-quality photos. This app is also augmented reality-ready. Another valuable tool for inspiring – and retaining – customers with impressive presentations.

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