Legends of carpets

Inspiration: Africa

Ancient beauty
The last sunrays bathe the savannah in liquid gold. Zebras graze in a hollow, a giraffe emerges from the acacias. The changing incidence of light turns the veldt into never-ending vastness. Towns are teeming with life: fragrant air and the bright colors of the spices at the bazaar, the color transitions on the hand-plastered walls in the alleyways, dust and glimmering heat, shimmering mirages and magnificent orchid gardens.

Walter Knoll carpets have been developed in collaboration with fabric designer Helmut Scheufele and are inspired by the landscapes and colors of Africa. The collection draws its strength from the creativity of the continent which materializes into timeless, woven works of art. On some models, the intense reds and blues are reminiscent of reflections in the sky at sunrise; on others, dark natural hues seem to highlight the sparse beauty of rock layers in the desert. Images of naturalness and elegance.

Design process.

In the beginning was the inspiration, a trip. Markus Benz together with artist and fabric designer Helmut Scheufele embarked on a journey to Marrakesh which marked the inception of the „Legends of Carpets“ collection by Walter Knoll.

Meaningful impressions of people, landscapes and light breaking in the souks of the medina began to leave a mark – they came to life. After a different journey to Namibia and Botswana, the leitmotif of the carpet collection was clear: the landscapes and colors of Africa.

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Silk carpets

A tribute to the beauty of Africa’s natural treasures.
Solid mountain ranges, seemingly endless desert landscapes, colorful lakes: Africa is rich in landscapes, and hidden treasures. Minerals, crystals and precious stones have developed over millions of years in the depths of the Earth, hundreds of kilometers under its surface. They are natural works of art: fascinating, shimmering and precious – elegant valuables that reflect and absorb light in a unique way.

These natural African treasures were the inspiration behind the silk carpets by Walter Knoll. Only one of the most valuable materials on Earth could be used to express the beauty of the precious stones shaped by the elemental forces of Earth: silk. With their wonderful shimmer and soft-to-the-touch feel, the fibers of this fine fabric give life to carpets featuring patterns of incomparable harmony and elegance.

Badawi Pillows

Ancient seating
In oriental cultures from time immemorial, people have been seated close to the floor for a good reason: pillows are soft, adjust to the body’s shape and lend a unique feel-good atmosphere. Nomadic peoples tend to use carpets and pillows not only as products to sit on but also as items to rest their weary heads on.

The Badawi Pillows from Walter Knoll exude this air of traditional seating culture. Created with Walter Knoll hand-knotted carpets, they are exquisite furnishings for refined lifestyles.

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