The night collection from Walter Knoll – a bedtime story

Bed Jaan

Walter Knoll designs companions for life - in the form of sofas, armchairs, tables and chairs. So why beds?

Markus benz: People spend around a third of their life asleep. The bedroom is an important part of our life – a source of strength for the next day, a place where we can relax and go about our daily rituals. Walter Knoll’s expertise lies in the shaping of living spaces. Our products are an expression of our attitude to life – in terms of what is representative, practical, useful and comfortable – and beds are quite naturally a part of that.

With Jaan and Yuuto, Walter Knoll is presenting a versatile bed collection. What was your approach in the design, your inspiration?

Markus benz: We see the bed as an object in a room. Inspired by journeys, particularly by impressions of lodges in Africa, we view the bed as an architectural element: positioned centrally within a room, open to a whole range of possible connections – to our wardrobes, the bathroom, or quite simply just a look out of the window. Because a bed is not just there to be slept on. We want to snuggle up, lounge around, laze about, answer our mails, surf the net, read, work, discuss, phone, write, draw, sit and get dressed. We use the bedroom as a living space – for the rituals of our everyday lives.

And your beds support this lifestyle?

Markus Benz: Yes, Jaan and Yuuto use the space in all directions – all 360°. Elegant upholstered beds, freely positioned in a room, complemented by boards, upholstered benches, small tables and escritoires – just as useful as they are special. The timeless form, the exceptional comfort and the outstanding design are a matter of course. So very typical of Walter Knoll.

What shape did the design process take?

Was there anything particularly special about development? Markus Benz: The actual development process for these beds was preceded by intense, in-depth discussion regarding what the most suitable sleeping system was. We ultimately went for box spring – because of its particular comfort, perfect body support and excellent sleeping climate. That in turn had an influence on the design. EOOS, the renowned design team from Vienna, has designed both beds so that the air can circulate freely around the bed. Completely naturally, casually and lightly as in the design of Jaan, classically and elegantly as in Yuuto.