Jaan Silent. Design: EOOS.

Jaan Silent – Oasis in open space

Upholstered bench Jaan Silent and stool Bellows Collection

Ground and air. Strength and lightness. Volume and clean lines. Comfortable upholstery floating over understated legs. Distinction with discretion. The best of both worlds.

Closed quarters in an open office. Jaan Silent creates private islands: in a workspace, a lounge or at an airport. Everywhere we live, work, travel and are on the move, the Silent sofa structures space, issuing fine invitations – for a spontaneous get-together in a small team, a creative session or quite simply five minutes of ‘me’ time.

Distinction and discretion:
high, lightweight screens frame Jaan Silent. The soft surface of the screen is protective and banishes disturbing noises. The screens come in various forms: semi- or fully closed, in an L or U shape, as shown on the previous page – resulting in tailored privacy.

The design story

The more open the design of our working worlds and public areas, the more significant areas of retreat become. A sofa and a bench were to be designed for Jaan Silent that would give maximum privacy – without overloading a room. The solution consists of screens with a new kind of construction made of fine upholstery, laminated wood and aluminum. Jaan Silent was developed entirely with a focus on its use. The system is flexible, extendible and can be combined individually. The Jaan Silent sofa with light, soft upholstery and a comfortable seating space. The Jaan Silent bench with formal upholstery and more compact dimensions. The backs and sides of the screens come in different lengths and depths, making it possible to realize private U shapes, semi-open L shapes or large open room dividers. This results in a private space in an open office. The best of both worlds.

Upholstered bench Jaan Silent

Tailored privacy: (top) on the Jaan Silent sofa with soft upholstery and a particularly comfortable seating space. (bottom) Or on the Jaan Silent bench with formal upholstery

Upholstered bench Jaan Silent

Facts and details

High, lightweight screens, which frame an upholstered seating area.
The screens come in various forms. Semi- or fully closed, in a U or L shape – resulting in tailored privacy.
Optimum acoustic properties. The soft surface of the screen banishes disturbing noises and creates an atmosphere of discretion.
Functional details. The leather-covered brackets hold the filigree screens together.
The decorative seam lends the screen optical depth and emphasizes the hand-crafted style.
Electricity and USB connectors ensure nobody will run out of power here.
Can be combined with Oki – any scenario can be created with the delicate occasional tables, whether with a laptop, over lunch or in a short pep talk.

Upholstered bench Jaan Silent

Functional details: the leather-covered brackets ooze craftsmanship and hold the filigree screens of Jaan Silent together

Elmar Böing

“I imagine somebody approaching the furniture because they feel attracted to it, to the material and its surface. This moment should be filled with awe.”

— Elmar Böing, development upholsterer at Walter Knoll