Berlin, Germany

Berlin Marriott Hotel

Located near Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, within the vibrating business district and a stone’s throw away from the historic Brandenburg Gate, Hans Sharoun’s Philharmonic and Check Point Charlie, Marriott Hotel blends contemporary chic with classic yet elegant features. Part of an ongoing collaboration with this exclusive hospitality address, Walter Knoll has steadily worked with the hotelier to provide ideal interior solutions.

From the lobby to the restaurant, the building features a vast selection of pieces so that guests can conduct their business or simply rest after a stroll in nearby Tiergarten Park on Jaan Living sofa or Votteler Chair. And in the evening, after an aperitif, patrons can taste the in-house Midtown Grill’s meat selection lounging on Jason chairs. Many solutions for a diverse contemporary café society crowd.

  • Project

    Berlin Marriott Hotel, Berlin, Germany

  • Locations

    lobby, restaurant/bar, conference room

  • Pictures

    Berlin Marriott Hotel, Berlin, Germany

  • Architect

    BERND ALBERS Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH, Berlin, Germany

  • Interior Design

    B3 Designers, London, United Kingdom
    BWM Architekten und Partner ZT GmbH, Vienna, Austria
    Neumayer & Partner, Munich, Germany