Perth, Australia

Living Edge Showroom

With a brand new showroom of about 1.000 square meters, Living Edge widens its presence in Perth. The three-level space sits within a beautifully restored and recently renovated heritage building - part of Perth’s fine stock of original city edifices.

Living Edge hired architectural studio Hassell to transform the historic trade building, dating from the early 1900s, into a contemporary and functional store. The architects pared back the building to its bones and took a light touch to the interior with a refined material palette and sculptural inserts. Here, Walter Knoll designs are displayed within expansive areas with high ceilings and large windows.

Living Edge first set foot in Western Australia some 10 years ago. After a decade, it was time for the company to expand and grow. “Echoing our own values in ‘Furniture for Life’, we believe in longevity, of simplicity and of sustainability. This building reflects all those attributes that we look for in everything we do,” believes Aidan Mawhinney, CEO of Living Edge.

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    Living Edge Showroom, Perth, Australia

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    Dion Robson, Perth, Australia

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    Hassell, Perth, Australia