Melbourne, Australia

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Melbourne

The sinuous lines, exquisite manufacturing and incomparable vision of Rolls-Royce meet Walter Knoll’s designs, down under. It is in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond that the two realities co-dwell, in the brand new Rolls-Royce dealership operated by Zagame Auto Group on Swan Street, to be precise.

Designed by Australian firm Nexus Designs, the flagship space isn’t only the largest Rolls-Royce outlet in Australia, but also one of the largest in Asia/Pacific. The architects opted for an expansive north-facing frosted glass facade providing an ethereal glow across the six-car white-on-white vehicle display upstairs and the vehicle showcase located one floor below. The starkly minimalist interior design is complemented by Walter Knoll pieces such as the FK and Fabricius chairs, or Jaan Living sofas. The iconic furnishings are scattered around a luxurious “Bespoke” lounge where car buyers/owners can take advantage of Rolls-Royce’s in-house vehicle customization services, as well as a fully-serviced cosmopolitan bar.

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    Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

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    Nicole England, Melbourne, Australia

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    Nexus Designs, Melbourne, Australia