Vilnius, Lithuania


When the architects responsible for the design of the headquarters of Swedbank Lithuania, led by Audrius Ambrasas, designed the complex, they made sure the buildings were fully integrated with the surrounding urban fabric of Vilnius. The result is a compound consisting of two higher interconnected structures and a lower one overlooking the Neris River and its banks. Through the years, the project turned out to be an effective social aggregator as well: the outdoor terrace has become a popular hangout for both Vilnius residents and travelers where to enjoy spectacular views of the city. Büsto Harmonija, one of our selected brand partners, furnished this branch of Swedbank, one of the biggest banks in Northern Europe and the Baltics. The offices and common areas have been embellished with some of our most successful designs, from Kyo and Fabricius, all the way to Joco Stone and Haussmann 310; needless to say, our FK has been added to conference rooms.

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    lounge, conference room, open space/new work, building

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  • Architect

    Audrius Ambrasas

  • Interior Design

    Büsto Harmonija